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Area: Bellville, Du Noon, Grassy Park, Lansdowne, Mandalay, Paarl, Philippi Plaza, Stellenbosch, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Physical Address: 38 Northumberland Street, Bellville, Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa
Postal Address: P.O. Box 32020, Ottery, 7808, South Africa
Phone: +27 (0)21 690 1400
Contact Person: Lesley Malgas
Payment Methods: Cash, Credit Cards (MasterCard and VISA), Debit Cards
Operational Hours: Mon - Fri: 09H00 - 18H00
Sat: 09H00 - 16H00
Sun: 09H00 - 14H00
Pub Hol: Closed
GPS Co-Ordinates: -34.000135, 18.533205

Established since 2016, FISH RITE has been synonymous with the fishing industry in the Western Cape.

FISH RITE was started as a family business and remains one to this day, fiercely resisting the temptation to become a public company.

Although it continually updates the technology processing and packaging in its modern factory, its family traditions ensure a continuity of personal service which has become its hallmark.

As the name implies, FISH RITE was originally involved in the smoking of snoek. Today however, its activities have expanded to embrace all aspects of South Africa's fishing industry, with a wide variety of products, fresh frozen and smoked.

The company imports and exports fish, molluscs and crustaceans.

FISH RITES deep roots in the fishing industry, its long experience, its tradition of personal service and its reliable record as a distributor and source of supply have firmly established its unquestionable reputation.

The product range is wide and includes many types of frozen and smoked seafood, including:

  • Barramundi
  • Calamari
  • Crab sticks and crab meat
  • Crumbed chicken schnitzels, burgers, fingers and pops
  • Fish cakes
  • Grey mullet
  • Gurnards
  • Haddock and smoked haddock
  • Hake
  • Jacopewer
  • John Dory
  • Kingklip
  • Langoustines
  • Mussels and mussel meat
  • Prawns
  • Smoked Snoek
  • Snoek
  • Tilapia
  • Yellowtail

Plus a wide range of other seafood delicacies that come and go daily.

Not only do you find the largest variety of quality seafood products at FISH RITE, but also a wide range of best quality frozen crumbed chicken products.

All at true factory shop prices, for the individual, reseller or caterer.

Fishrite Bellville
38 Northumberland Street, Bellville, Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)21 949 3474
Google map
GPS Coordinates: -33.888335, 18.632303

Fishrite Du Noon
Address: Shop 9, The Stables, Potsdam Road, Du Noon
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 09H00 - 18H00;<br>Sat: 09H00 - 16H00;<br>Sun:09H00 - 14H00.
Tel: +27 (0)21 557 1024
Google map
GPS Coordinates: -33.810764, 18.540747

Fishrite Grassy Park
123 Klip Road, Grassy Park, Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)76 340 5757
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GPS Coordinates: -34.038092, 18.498261

Fishrite Lansdowne (Snoek Wholesalers)
1 Becker St, Hanover Park, Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)21 690 1470
Google map
GPS Coordinates: -33.999967, 18.534039

Fishrite Mandalay
Shop 2B, Thembokwezi Square, Swartklip Road, Mandalay, Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)21 387 0026
Google map
GPS Coordinates: -34.010816, 18.631537

Fishrite Paarl
134 Lady Grey Street, Paarl, Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)61 644 8350
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GPS Coordinates: -33.730742, 18.971921

Fishrite Philippi Plaza
Shop 2, Philippi Plaza, Govan Mbeki Road, Philippi, Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)84 644 4554
Google map
GPS Coordinates: -33.998145, 18.601673

Fishrite Stellenbosch
Address: 234 Bird street, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 08H00 - 18H00;<br>Sat: 08H00 - 16H00;<br>Sun:09H00 - 14H00
Tel: +27 (0)66 071 7272
Google map

GPS Coordinates: -33.924424, 18.855609

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Contact Fish Rite Fish and Seafood Factory Shops