The Herbs and Spices Factory Shop

The Herbs and Spices Factory Shop

The Herb and Spice Factory Shop has been appointed by Cape Herbs and Spices to sell all overruns, etc. and make these available to the market.

All labelled Cape Herbs and Spices products which have not been made available to their clients due to labels not being evenly applied or rejected by QA will be made available at the factory shop. This includes all raw material overruns which we repack into various sized packets and containers.

All products are available at a massive discount to normal retail prices.

The products range is vast and includes most herbs, spices, rubs, teas and related items.

Buy grinders, pre packed packets or tins or fill your own packets with your desired herbs and spices.

The Wildebraam range of hot relishes and jams as well as Eish chilli sauces are stocked. We also stock the B Well range of cooking oils and mayonnaise.