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You get paint and you get "paint". One of the best quality paints you can get in South Africa is EcoMatrix paint. These surface coatings are made to the very highest standards and will last for many, many years more than conventional paints and similar products.

EcoMatrix exclusively manufacture high-quality interior and exterior surface coatings. The company boasts innovative formulations which are superior in comparison to other products on the market. Of note is the fact that we have obtained the exclusive production rights to what is regarded as the world's best one-step metal coating. This 100% environmentally-friendly product has properties superior to most internationally acclaimed products. All our products can be sprayed, dipped or conventionally applied with a brush and roller.

EcoMatrix exclusively manufacture high-quality interior and exterior surface coatings. The company boasts innovative formulations which are superior in comparison to other products on the market.

EcoMatrix aims to offer superior-quality 100% eco-friendly coatings for the commercial manufacturing industry at a price which is competitive in comparison to other premium-quality commercial coating manufacturers on the market. We believe there is a current untapped market opportunity because of our innovative formulations.

EcoMatrix is based on an all-around eco-friendly policy. We base all our developments on a basic principle of “first do not harm”. Thereafter, we concentrate on formulating, marketing and selling products using the most advanced raw materials in the world and creating simple application materials using over 40 years of paint-technological experience. Our studies of new products containing state of the art raw materials is an ongoing process.

Our raw materials have all been tested according to ISO and EU specifications. We have been granted rights to this advanced technology and we are able to enhance our range of products to where they are arguably the finest technological coatings whilst never losing sight of our commitment to “first do no harm”.

We are initially concentrating on the South African and African markets; our target is to supply overseas markets.

EcoMatrix aims at the advancement of previously disadvantaged groups of people in Southern Africa and community building, through the training and development of staff in both work and life skills. Leadership development beyond our own Company is one of our primary goals. The creating of jobs will be a natural result in more than EcoMatrix Coatings.

The public are now able to purchase these best quality EcoMatrix paints and coverings at reduced prices, directly from the factory shop. You are welcome to call us to enquire if we have something suitable for you in our factory shop. We will always give our best possible efforts to accommodate your requests. We are able to supply our products throughout Southern Africa.

Some of our best quality EcoMatrix paints and surface coverings

EcoMatrix CeaseFire is a rated water-based coating which is a highly effective fire-retardant when applied to wood, fabric, carpet, paper and virtually any surface. EcoMatrix CeaseFire was developed to provide fire resistance in accordance with national and international standards. Read more


EcoMatrix MetalPrimer is a superior water-based anti-corrosion, salt-spray resistant primer. It is hydrophobic and is highly effective when used as a primer or primer/topcoat on clean cold-rolled steel, de-scaled mill steel, clean galvanised metal, non-anodised aluminium and stainless steel. Read more


EcoMatrix Intermediate Coat has been developed as a stain-blocking, adhesion-promoted waterproof coat. The binder allows the product to perform extremely well in very adverse conditions, ensuring that water does not penetrate through to the primer or substrate. Read more


EcoMatrix PrimeAll can be either clear or in standard transparent colours. EcoMatrix PrimeAll multifunctional primer will stick to virtually anything except ABS Plastic and silicon and provides excellent key for top coats. EcoMatrix PrimeAll forms a vapour barrier and prevents efflorescence. Read more


EcoMatrix ConcretePrimer is specially designed as a superior water based curing compound for fresh concrete and as a primer for concrete floors which will be painted. Read more

EcoMatrix ConcretePrimer may also be used to prime gypsum plaster. Read more


EcoMatrix ConcreteCure is a water based curing compound for fresh concrete painted. Read More


EcoMatrix AllRoof has been designed for domestic roofing and light industrial fibre-cement use. It is based on a proven pure acrylic emulsion and incorporates protection against UV rays. Read more


EcoMatrix SolarRoof has been designed for domestic roofing and light industrial fibre-cement use. The product performs by scattering invisible IR rays and preventing heat build-up, saving electricity where air conditioning is used extensively. The paint also has outstanding resistance to UV rays. Read more


EcoMatrix CeilingCoat has been designed for use on ceilings. It is a one-coat, matt white cost-effective coating. Read more


EcoMatrix ConcreteFloor has been designed for domestic and light industrial use. Domestic garage floors may be coated with EcoMatrix ConcreteFloor to prevent "hot tyre pick up" and the product provides an easy-clean surface for floors. Read more


EcoMatrix HeavyDuty Chemical Resistant AllCoat is suitable for a large range of substrates where tough chemical resistance is of importance. EcoMatrix HeavyDuty ChemicalResistant AllCoat is particularly suited to overcoating EcoMatrix MetalPrimer, Ecomatrix ConcretePrimers and EcoMatrix IntermediateCoat. Read more


EcoMatrix WoodProtect Interior has been developed as a superior water based timber coating. This product stabilises the wood, preventing surface disintegration. It has excellent antiblocking properties and allows for toughened work surfaces. Using water based coatings eliminates fire hazards, the need for solvents to clean application equipment and gives an extremely fast turn-around time. Read more


EcoMatrix WoodProtect Exterior is a 3 step water based timber coating, protecting wood by preventing surface disintegration. EcoMatrix WoodProtect Exterior has extremely high UV and all-weather resilience, Read more

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