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The Zone Falke Socks Factory Shop

The Zone Falke Socks Factory Shop

The Zone Falke Socks Factory Shop in Salt River is your one stop destination for a massive variety of best quality Falke socks at greatly reduced prices. With socks for the whole family available, this shop will bring a smile to many faces.

Stock consist mainly of factory over runs, returns, end of range items and small amount of slightly flawed products.

Prices on socks are generally +/- 70% cheaper than normal retail prices. So if it costs R100 in the normal retail shop, it would cost only +/- R30 at this factory outlet.

Sizes are from 4 12.

We are able to courier nationwide. Please contact the shop directly re this.

The socks range consists of the following:
Sports socks
Hidden socks
Compression socks
Cycling socks
Running socks
Golf socks
Hiking socks
Everyday working socks
Anklet socks
Plus much more.

Keep your feet healthy and happy and covered by the best quality socks around. Visit The Zone today!