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Every company should have a charity that they support. We support The Rotary Club of Blouberg.

What is Rotary International?
Rotary International is a worldwide organisation of volunteers with a presence in nearly every country of the world. Each country where Rotary is found has many clubs who meet regularly and work together in “Serving to Change Lives”. These Rotarians worldwide have raised billions of rands and worked tirelessly to change the lives of those less fortunate than themselves. Rotary structures now start in Primary Schools and work all the way up to the top echelons of civil society.
One of the truly admirable facets of Rotary is that the clubs are generally made up of businessmen and women who give freely of their precious time, money and resources and every single cent raised by a Rotary Club for a charitable cause / project goes to that project. Not a single cent is used by the club for admin, salary or related expenses.

The Rotary Club of Blouberg
This Rotary Club is one of the more vibrant and busy clubs in the Cape Town area. This club is continually “flying the flag” of Rotary and constantly raising funds for a variety of worthwhile projects.
In the interests of transparency and good governance, I, Marius Boraine, the founder and admin of this Facebook group and publisher of, have been a member of this Rotary club for over a decade.
Should any person ever wish to donate monetarily to this club (any amount, big or small), you may do so via a direct deposit / transfer into the following account:

The Rotary Club of Blouberg
First National Bank
Table View
Acc: 59237647945
Your reference will be “yourname”factoryshops
Deposit slips can be emailed to or faxed to 086 671 5009

Should you have any tangible goods needing a new home, we will find a deserving place to take it to. Please contact Marius at:
082 897 9854

Should you have any enquiries about joining The Rotary Club of Blouberg or any related queries, please contact Carl at 082 575 3884 or