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FAK Distributors Branded Clothing Factory Shop

FAK Distributors Branded Clothing Factory Shop

FAK Distributors is a wholesaler of quality branded clothing, shoes, accessories and bedding. The goods in the shop consist mainly of overruns and excess stock sourced from the leading national clothing retail chains in South Africa. The names of these chains and the brands may not be mentioned, due to contractual reasons. There is also a variety of top quality imported goods.

FAK Distributors specialises in the sale of bulk goods (5 or more of the same item is considered as bulk). Individuals wanting to buy less than 5 items are welcome to do so and may enquire with the shop as to pricing, etc.

All goods can be couriered nationally. Please ask the shop for further details and costs re this.

Goods for sale include (stock varies constantly):Branded bedding
Branded clothing
Branded shoes
Branded underwear
Branded handbags
Branded accessories
Plus much more.

For the lowest prices on a variety of items, especially for those reselling, FAK Distributors is a totally necessary shop to visit.