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Area: Montague Gardens, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Physical Address: 1C Railway Road, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Postal Address: PO Box 247, Milnerton, 7441, South Africa
Contact Person: +27 (0)21 551 3087
Payment Methods: Cash, Credit Cards (MasterCard and VISA), EFT.
Operational Hours: Mon - Thu: 07H30 - 16H00; Fri: 07H30 - 15H00; Sat & Sun: Closed
GPS Co-Ordinates: -33.87847330259722, 18.522479840443964

Cape Cheese Products (Pty) Ltd was established in 1988 by its sole owner Robert Bader, a South African national of Swiss origin. Coming from Switzerland he brought with him a rich knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing of various types of processed cheese. It is a known fact amongst cheese makers in South Africa that Robert Bader was recognised as one of the most qualified cheese makers in this country.

As manufacturers of processed cheeses, we pride ourselves in being a leading company in this field. For many years, we have received awards for outstanding quality, at the South African Dairy Championships.

Cape Cheese Products have distributors nationally and we also export to Namibia and Angola. We are importers of Swiss cheese and distributors of other natural and speciality cheeses. Cape Cheese Products endeavour to serve the public through our factory shop outlet, where the public have a variety of products to choose from. We are suppliers to the retail market, catering, restaurant and fast foods outlets.

Cape Cheese Products processes about 9 tons of cheese every month and is the largest manufacturer of processed cheeses in Cape Town.

The factory shop sells a variety of products directly to the public, including:
A wide variety of processed cheeses, either vacuum packed, in pouches or in jars
A wide variety of common cheeses, including cheddar, gouda, mozzarella, feta, parmesan, etc.
A wide variety of value-added cheeses, such as Fairview cheeses
Cream cheeses
Exotic cheeses
Vegan cheeses
Bulk cheeses
Cheese varieties include cheddar, gouda, mozzarella, feta, cottage, cream, process, parmesan, pecorino, Emmentaler, gruyere, farm, ricotta, mascarpone, provolone, raclette, vegan, brie, camembert, blue rock, edam, blue, simonzola, goats and appenzella.

Various sauces and condiments
Barilla Pasta
Curry kits and ingredients
Smoked chicken breasts
Smoked salmon slices
Smoked trout slices
Salmon offcuts
Pizza bases (various sizes)
Puff pastry
Tortilla wraps

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Bulk buyers are welcome to enquire regarding possible further discounts.

Products can be couriered to destinations across South Africa.

Prices are generally 50% cheaper than prices at normal retail outlets.

If there are any errors in the above information, please notify us via an email to

Contact Cape Cheese Products Cheese Factory Shop