Red Rose Cash and Carry Food and Nappy Factory Shop

Red Rose Cash and Carry Food and Nappy Factory Shops

Red Rose Cash and Carry is a leading wholesaler and retailer of wide range of goods. There are 2 stores. The main store is in Ashdown Road in Parklands and this is where wholesale and bulk deals are available, as well as normal retail sales. The store in Sandown Road in Parklands is a retail store, where shoppers can do their shopping as per normal, with considerable savings.

Red Rose Cash and Carry supplies a vast number of shops of all kinds with a wide range of goods with wholesale prices. The public can also make use of these wholesale prices, whether for their own consumption or for resale purposes.

Red Rose Cash and Carry has long been known as a leading supplier of nappy products. The stores contain a wide range of best quality adult and baby nappies of all kinds, sizes, and brands. The pricing of these nappy products are more or less unbeatable.

The sweets and chocolates sections are also very well stocked with a vast variety of products.

The ice cream section offers delicious ice cream products at massively reduced prices, retail and wholesale.

The toilet paper section is massive and offers unbeatable prices on a wide variety of toilet papers, 1 ply and 2 ply.

The chips and snack division offers a massive range of chips and other snacks at massively reduced wholesale prices.

A massive variety of cooldrinks of all kinds are available, also at massively reduced wholesale prices.

Products in the stores include:
Baby Wipes
Bottled Waters
Braai Materials
Energy Drinks
Female Hygiene Products
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
Frozen Chicken Products
Ice Creams and Suckers
Pet Foods
Plastic Cutlery
Sports Drinks
Styrofoam and Plastic Food Packaging
Toilet Papers
Washing Powders
Plus so much more.

Red Rose Cash and Carry is an essential visit for any consumer who needs to save money. The variety and savings are enormous.