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Cane Furniture and Accessories

Cape Town Society for the Blind Cane Furniture Factory Shop

Cape Town Society for the Blind (CTSB) has 40 people who are blind or visually impaired operating their own small businesses (SBUs) from its premises.

These SBUs manufacture hand woven cane, rattan and material woven products. They are all contracted to CTSB and are therefore self-employed.

Cane products are custom made to your specifications and design and material is woven according to your colour scheme.

Cane furniture and basket repairs are also done on the premises.

Products include:
Products include bread baskets, bushel baskets, bicycle baskets, cheese baskets, confetti baskets, cornucopia baskets, hawker baskets, oval baskets, picnic baskets, table picnic baskets, potter baskets, gift baskets, puren baskets, shopping baskets, utility baskets and waste paper baskets.

Products include laundry baskets (various shapes and sizes) and linen chests (various shapes and sizes)

Products include baby cradles, baby cradle rockers, baby cradle stands, cradle stand with drawers and baby drapesticks.

Products include doll prams, mini pod chairs, miniature cradles, toy boxes, kiddies chairs, cat travellers, dog baskets, drawers, magazine holders, cane planters, screen dividers, squiggle lamps, bedside pedestals, bar stools, cottage chairs, dining room chairs, loungers, restaurant chairs, snoozy chairs, moon bags, shopping trolleys and picture serving trays.