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Area: Parow Industria, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Physical Address: Unit 1, Lanco Park, 54 Industrial Ring Road, Parow, South Africa - (opposite Coke Factory, +/- 900 metres from Tygerberg Hospital entrance)
Phone: +27 (0)62 432 4347
Cell: +27 (0)62 432 4347
Contact Person: Cheryl Muller
Payment Methods: Cash and EFT
Operational Hours: Mon - Fri: 09H00 - 17H00; Sat: 09H00 - 13H00; Sun: Closed
GPS Co-Ordinates: -33.92401995288803, 18.613157657775307

Established 2016, Happi Shoes has a long history as being one of Cape Town’s favourite and leading shoe factory shops.

Happi Shoes has now started manufacturing shoes in new premises in Parow Industria, Cape Town.

Relishing and rearing to be rated as Cape Town’s leading shoe factory shop.

Happi Shoes is now a proud manufacturer of quality shoes for the whole family, with a special emphasis on adult ladies’ shoes.  Our shoes Stitch Down Vellies are made inhouse to exacting standards by qualified artisans, many with years of priceless experience at South Africa’s leading footwear factories. A team of the best, producing the best!

All materials in the production of these shoes are sourced locally and all employees are local, making this a true 100% proudly South African company. Major investment has been made to ensure the best machinery, laces, lasts, leathers and cottons, ensuring long lasting quality for all customers. No more cheap imports, when you can get locally made, best quality shoes at an even greater price.

Because these top quality shoes are being made here in the factory and are being sold directly from the factory, the prices of these quality shoes are a fraction of what you would normally pay in the retail stores.

Happi Shoes is always conscious of bulk buyers and provision is always made for bulk purchases. To qualify for bulk discounts either buy 5 or more pairs of anything or a box of shoes. Massive numbers of entrepreneurs have made a good living out of buying and reselling from Happi Shoes.

As the factory and the store grows, a massive variety of new styles will constantly be made available.

All shoes are available at our factory shop or via courier and can be sent nationwide.

Support your feet, your wallet and this proudly South African company who are doing the best they can to make you the best quality footwear at the lowest prices.



Retail Price
What is retail price?
Retail price is the normal customer price. This is when you buy 1 pair of shoes only.

Mixed Bulk Price
What is mixed bulk?
Mixed bulk is any 5 pairs of shoes. You can mix and match sizes and colours once you have 5 pairs in total you will qualify for mixed bulk price.

Box Price
What is box price?
Box price is when you buy a solid box that is prepacked. It has set sizes and cannot be swopped for other sizes or colours.

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