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All about Aso Oke hats

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The Oba (king) of Lagos wearing an aso oke hat

An Aso Oke Hat (pronounced ah-SHOW-kay), a type of soft fez, is a traditional Yoruba hat that is made of hand woven African fabric, see Aso Oke fabric, cotton, velvet, or damask. In the Yoruba language, this hat is called a fila. Although these hats originated in Nigeria they are worn by many men of African descent. Typically, the top of the hat slouches to one side, and rests above the wearer's ear. It is commonly worn with African formal attire (see Grand boubou) and lace or cotton brocade dashiki suits. Many men wear a bowler hat with the lace dashiki suit. However, an aso oke hat or crown style kufi cap are the most common choices when wearing any other type of formal attire.

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