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All about lowboy dressers

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A lowboy

A lowboy is an American collector’s term for one type of dressing table, or vanity. It is a small table with one or two rows of drawers, so called in contradistinction to the tallboy or highboy chest of drawers.


A different type of dressing table

Both lowboy and tallboy were favourite pieces of the 18th century, both in England and in the United States; the lowboy was most frequently used as a dressing-table, but sometimes as a side-table. It is usually made of oak, walnut or mahogany, with the drawer-fronts mounted with brass pulls and escutcheons. The more elegant examples in the Queen Anne, early Georgian, and Chippendale styles often have cabriole legs, carved knees, and slipper or claw-and-ball feet. The fronts of some examples also are sculpted with the scallop-shell motif beneath the centre drawer.

Another term for a dressing table equipped with mirrors is vanity and is used to applying makeup or fashion accessories.

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