Duvets and Pillows from Home Factory Shop

Duvets and Pillows from Home Factory Shop


Duvets and Pillows from Home - refurbishment of existing duvets and pillows.

Many Capetonians will remember Lionel Lifson from the Duvet and Pillow Factory Shop inSalt River, a decade or so ago.

This was the original linen factory shop and a major player in the market, trading very successfully over +/- 25 years.

Lionel has been manufacturing duvets and pillows in both synthetic and natural fill (down and feather) since1975. He worked with his family in the business (now called Lifsons Linens). He then started the Duvet and Pillow Factory Shop which he ran for 25 years.

Our target market is anyone who has down or feather duvet or pillow that can be recycled by recovering or refilling. Down or feathers last for many years and normally outer casings need replacing, not the whole product.

Duvets and Pillows from Home operates nationally allowing customers who are in need of our service to courier or post to us.

We offer a well-priced service making your favorite duvet or pillow into an heirloom to be passed down.

Recovering and recycling your old duvet or pillow is cheaper than buying new and we are all helping to protect the environment more. Duvet and Pillows from Home has had many years or priceless experience manufacturing and repairing down duvets and pillows.

Today electronic scales and blowing machines are used to manage fillings. The machines dedust, clean and fluff up the down and feathers.