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Cape Rug Company Carpets Factory Shop

Cape Rug Company Carpets Factory Shop

Cape Rug Company (formerly known as The Waltex Factory Shop) is South Africa's leading tufted rug and bath mat factory shop. The shop has the same products, same service levels and the same unbelievably discounted prices as before.

Our factory shop offers all shoppers the opportunity to purchase our top quality items at the best prices around. There is a huge variety of merchandise available, consisting of firsts and seconds, at prices to suit everyones pockets. In addition to our large range of locally produced goods, we also offer a wide range of quality imported items at rock bottom prices.

Merchandise at our factory shop consists of:
Bath sets
Small rugs
Large rugs
Place mats
Kitchen mats
Prayer mats
Artificial grass
Wall to wall carpeting
Persian carpets
Carpet tiles
Plus much more.

Come visit our factory shops today and get spoilt by our huge variety, rock bottom prices and excellent, old fashioned service.