The Chocolates Sweets and Biscuits Factory Shop

The Chocolates, Sweets and Biscuits Factory Shop

The Chocolates, Sweets and Biscuits Factory Shop has been established many years and is undoubtedly the leading factory shop of its kind in Cape Town. It boasts a massive range of exciting and popular products, many of the imported from all across the globe.

This is a popular shop and it is popular because of:
Massive variety
Well known brand names
Incredibly low pricing
Knowledgeable, professional and supportive service from the very friendly staff members, Sheila, Christine and Charn.

The massive product variety includes:
Chocolates, including Lindt, Cadbury, Nestle, Ritter Sports, Cote de Or, Beacon, Ritters, Hershey plus many more.
Sweets, including many brands and varieties such as lollipops, jelly sweets, etc.
Biscuits of all kinds, sweet and savoury
Toilet Paper
Broken seconds
Nuts of all kinds
Dried fruits
Plus so much more

.Most items are well within their best before dates, but some items may be short dated or dated. All items for sale are perfectly edible and the shop experiences virtually no returns or complaints from dissatisfied customers.

This shop offers extreme value for money and also saves you a lot of time and petrol with so much variety under 1 roof.

Make sure to visit The Chocolates, Sweets and Biscuits Factory Shop. Youi will be going back often!