Testimonials from some of our satisfied clients

As the publishers of this leading portal, we take utmost care to ensure that our advertisers and clients receive the best service and response possible and this has resulted in us maintaining a +/- 95% retention rate of advertisers year on year.

Please see below some of the testimonials and comments we have received from our satisfied clients and users:

Cape Rug Company Factory Shop (formerly Waltex Factory Shop)
Dear Marius,
Jacques here from Cape Rug Company.

I would like to thank you for the massive amount of work you put into promoting our business via your online platforms. You have made it very easy for us to reach a huge number of customers and we can see the substantial business that comes through to our shop because of your efforts. It is also the most cost effective advertising medium we have ever used, by far.

Your Facebook group is worth its weight in gold to us and we are so happy to get new customers coming to us daily as a result of your work.

We have never had someone who is so committed to making sure our message gets out there to the public and who actually comes around regularly to take photos, etc.

Please keep up the excellent work and we look forward to many more years of business together.

Kind regards

Jacques Basson
Manager – Cape Rug Company

Svenmill Curtaining Factory Shop

Dear Marius,

I would like to thank you for looking after our online advertising needs for many years now. You have given us a superb online presence and your continuous enthusiasm in looking after our needs is hugely appreciated.

You take an active interest in promoting our curtaining factory shop and we appreciate you always coming to take the photos, etc. and doing all the work. It really gives us more free time and enables us to pursue our other daily duties in the business more effectively.

Over the years, you have, through your efforts, brought massive numbers of customers into our shop and we look forward to you performing this invaluable service for a long time to come.

Kind regards 

Anthony Hector
Store Manager
Svenmill Curtaining Factory Shop

Salvage Co. Discounters Factory Shop
A&H Salvage Athlone decided to start advertising at www.safactoryshops.co.za at the beginning of 2018. In the year to date, the effect of this advertising medium on our business has been remarkable. We have benefitted by thousands of new customers visiting our store and it has given a great boost to our turnover in these trying times. We can see the immediate influx of customers every time we publish any specials.

We have experienced absolute value for money and top class service. This is undoubtedly one of the best investments our business has made in recent years and we look forward to a great long term association with this powerful advertising medium.

Ashley van der Berg
Owner – A&H Salvage

Beeline Family Clothing Factory Shops
Dear Marius,

A few quick words of thanks to you.

Beeline has been using www.safactoryshops.co.za for nearly 10 years now. It has become our main advertising medium.

We would like to thank you for all the effort over the years. Nothing is ever too much trouble for you and you are always available for whatever we need to be done. Last minute requests are always accommodated with much grace and efficiency.

We thank you for your extremely cost effective advertising medium and for constantly broadcasting our shops and clothing to your massive audience.

We have enjoyed you bringing many thousands of extra shoppers into our various stores through the years of our association together. You have helped Beeline to become an even more well-known brand amongst the public through your constant efforts.

Having you and your team visit our shop is always a pleasure.

I feel that any business will benefit from being part of your marketing business.

May you still provide this valuable service for many years to come and may it grow from strength to strength.

Kind regards 

Siona Oliver
Manager - Beeline Lansdowne

The Designer Clothing Factory Shop
This is just to thank you so much for all your efforts in promoting our Factory Shop on your website.
I must say that since we took out the subscription our sales have improved quite substantially. When I ask you to put a special on the website as well as Facebook you always do this within a very short period which shows how pro active you are in running your site.
All this is much appreciated.
Keep up the good work!!!

Mark Sacks
083 225 0308

Freddie’s Treasures Retail Bargain Store
Good morning Marius
I have to compliment you and thank you for your super efficient service at getting my company listed and up and running on your group.

Freddie Fourie

Indigo Brands Factory Shop
Indigo Brands factory shop recently advertised a number of promotional items on www.safactoryshops.co.za. The response to this advertising has been unbelievable, it attracted double the amount customers we get during a regular week. Our subsequent sales have been phenomenal and this is further proof of the powerful nature of this medium.

It is so rare to find advertising that is so cost effective and that works so well.

Congratulation to www.safactoryshops.co.za for providing this incredible service and we look forward to many more years of advertising with you.

The Indigo Brands factory shop team

Bed Busters Factory Shops Cape Town
Must be using you 7 or 8 years now….super value for money.

Happy Shoes Factory Shop
Happy Home Cleaning Products and Toilet Paper Factory Shop

Hi Marius

Just wanted to thank you for saving My Business... I was at wits end,  battling to find a suitable platform to advertise and sell my shoes .  I have tried many IT/Graphic guys who promises the world to my dismay, after they set up a webpage at a ridiculous rate they throw the ball back at me and tell me to just Try FB or they just disappear.

I picked up your ad at Peter Blond and has been subscribing to your newsletter for quite some time,  until about a week ago ,  all of a sudden a Light Bulb went on ( after receiving another newsletter )  and I decided to try our your platform and make my Wholesale business a Factory Shop.  And WOW what a Phenomenal experience it has been.   From the moment you called my business changed unbelievably.  You knew exactly what my business needed.
I was pleasantly surprised that in no time at all you came out to get a better insight into my business.  And next - my phone started ringing off the hook... I sold out all the stock I advertised on SAFACTORYSHOPS in the first week. WOW.

I decided to add the detergents and toilet paper business and Wow exactly the same result.

My family and I thank you  for your Genuine Interest In Our Business and for being a Real  HELP. 

May You Continue to Help Others as you have Helped Happy Shoes and Happy Home Products.

I Believe “It is in Giving That We Receive”  Thank you for being a GIVER
Your Friend
Cheryl Muller

Foodies Factory Shop
Thanks Marius
I was chuffed with the traffic we got from your site. Last week your site and google accounted for about 40% of our Facebook traffic.

Stella Scents
You’re amazing and your service is the best ever!  Thank you for all you do for small businesses.
Stella Scents

Liberty Foods Factory Shop
When we first signed up to advertise at www.safactoryshops.co.za, we were a bit sceptical as to whether this would work for us. Big promises were made and we decided to give it a try. Over the years, the big promises have been delivered and we have experienced major success by using this advertising medium. Nobody does it better than Marius and his team. It has become our most effective and cost effective advertising medium and we look forward to many more years of using these truly remarkable online services.
Mike Wainwright
Liberty Foods Cape Town

Cape Town Society for the Blind Cane Furniture Shop
Since advertising at www.safactoryshops.co.za, we have seen a marked increase in turnover in our shop. This has been due in a large part to the effectiveness of our online advertising at this portal. We look forward to many more years of online advertising and we can sincerely recommend this advertising medium to  any business that needs to get extra exposure and sales.
Marius and your team, please keep op the good work!
On behalf of our sales team,
Lizelle Van Wyk
Chief Executive Officer
Cape Town Society for the Blind

Beeline Children's Clothing Factory Shop
Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf.  The site is great and we have received some good business through the contact.
Caroline Lyons 
Beeline Factory Shop

Curtain World Factory Shop
I just wanted to let you know that since signing up with the factory shop website I have been getting some great leads and have been turning them into sales.
We are now getting clients from the complete Cape Town base which we never used to get by advertising locally.
I appreciate all your assistance with regards to marketing of my business and I am sure we can grow from strength to strength.
Hanif Mohamed 
Curtain World

Curtain World Factory Shop
We are getting great responses and turning those responses into sales which is the name of the game.
Hanif Mohamed
Curtain World

Stella Scents
….. and exactly what you said has happened, I’ve had such a HUGE response via your facebook…. I’m sending pricelists off like crazy.
Stella Scents

Easywear and Blaauwberg Online
27 October 2014
Easywear started advertising with Blaauwberg online in April 2014. Since the, we have seen a significant increase in our own Facebook page (from 190 likes to 734 currently). We have new likes every week. The services offered by the South Africa Factory Shops.co.za website has allowed us access to a market of consumers that is constantly looking for a good deal and have not had the opportunity to hear of us previously.
Immediate update of the website, constant interaction with the consumers on the Facebook page and regular newsletters are an invaluable service to us and we would not have such a widespread reach without access to members of these pages. By allowing advertisers to also interact with consumers on the Facebook page, we have obtained important information regarding consumer wants and needs. To add to this, the cost of the service is extremely reasonable, with no added costs to keep it relevant.
I would recommend any retailer to advertise here as the professionalism and efficiency with which these pages are managed is a pleasure to deal with.
Best Regards
Anita de Souza
CEO Easywear

Rosemary Hoffmeyer - Member of our Facebook Group
I know this is only a page for factory shops, but I really want to take a minute to say thank you to Marius Boraine. Marius you are such an amazing source of info and help. Thank you. Salute. You go over and above the call of duty with little or no thanks. I appreciate your hard work.

Chapatti Trading Factory Shop
We used the site and definitely had more feet in the shop during the exposure.
Gary Roodt
Chapatti Trading

The Factory Shop at Peter Blond & Associates
I would like to give just positive feedback regarding Marius Boraine, his professional service and excellent work done on the www.safactoryshops.co.za website. We have not only seen an increase in customers coming into our shops to buy but also online enquiries. It is fantastic to be able to communicate with customers directly and we value each enquiry!  5 star rating from Letha Oelz and Peter Blond retail team.
Letha Oelz
Peter Blond & Associates / The Tailored Collection

Sassy Solutions Fragrance and Cosmetics Factory Shop
I appreciate the value that your advertising medium brings to my business.
Shana Clucas
Sassy Solutions

Liberty Foods Factory Shop
You are friggin amazing.
Many thanks for the FANTASTIC service.
Mike Wainwright
Liberty Foods

Hi-Tec Factory Outlet Access Park - Kenilworth
Advertising on this website has brought us many more customers and an excellent increased turnover over the many years we have been using this site. We highly recommend this website as a cost effective and powerful advertising medium.
Hi-Tec Kenilworth

Decofurn Factory Shops
We have had a very good response from the Factory Shop website and it has had a positive influence on our business. It is professionally managed and is an important source of information. It is always kept up to date and as an advertiser, we are always offered many value adds – this assists in creating great awareness and response to our brand. Thanks for the hard work and effort put in to maintain the site.
Thanks and kind regards
Tarryn Berkowitz
Decofurn/ Leisurefurn

Oggi Active Wear Factory Shop
You are the only place we advertise where we see a definite response.
Thank you for the sterling service that you offer.
Congratulations on such a successful advertising medium.
We do in fact tell people all the time that our listing with you is one of the few places we can track an active response and in fact I have cancelled most of my other listings where the hosts did nothing more than list a bunch of people.  Your active approach works.
Gail Morriosn
Oggi Active Wear

Hip Hop Radeen Fashions Factory Shop
Thanks for the professional service. Keep up the good work!
Gary Castle
Radeen Fashions

Shado Wholesale
The factory shop online directory (www.safactoryshops.co.za) has been of huge assistance to our shoe & handbag wholesaler. It has increased the awareness of the wholesaler and positively impacted on conveying to our target market how we can assist people to start their own business. Recently, on the launch of our own online wholesaler (www.shado.co.za), it has assisted us significantly in increasing the amount of traffic to the website. The monthly stats which lists the online analytics of people visiting our adverts online also help us with decision making when we do our marketing. Thanks for a job well done.
Shaheed Ederies
Shado Wholesaling

Nontembiso Tunzi (via email)
Good day all

I am Mrs Tunzi  would like to congratulate you about disseminating the info of factory shops  I manage to save my time and go straight to the factory shop I am looking for with your assistance.

Thank you so much.