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All about Birkin bags

The Birkin bag is a handbag by Hermes, handmade in leather and named after actress and singer Jane Birkin. The bag is a symbol of wealth due to its high price and usage by celebrities. Its prices range from GBP 6,700 to GBP 100,000 ($10,500 to $150,000). Costs escalate according to the type of materials. The bags are distributed to Hermes boutiques on unpredictable schedules and in limited quantities, creating scarcity and exclusivity.

All about handbags

A handbag, also purse, pocketbook or pouch in American English, is a handled medium-to-large bag that is often fashionably designed, typically used by women, to hold personal items.

All about it bags

It Bag is a colloquial term from the fashion industry used in the 1990s and 2000s to describe a brand or type of high-priced designer handbag by makers such as Chanel, Herm├Ęs or Fendi that becomes a popular best-seller.

All about kelly bags

The Kelly bag (formerly known as the Sac a depeches) is a leather handbag designed by the Paris-based, high-fashion luxury-goods manufacturer Hermes International S.A. Originally a saddle holder, it was redesigned several times before it was popularized by and then named after the American actress and Monegasque princess Grace Kelly. The bag is now an expensive status symbol.

All about medical bags

A medical bag (doctor's bag, physician's bag) is a portable bag used by a physician or other medical professional to transport medical supplies and medicine.]

All about messenger sling bags

A messenger bag (also called a courier bag) is a type of sack, usually made out of some kind of cloth (natural or synthetic), that is worn over one shoulder with a strap that goes across the chest resting the bag on the lower back. While messenger bags are sometimes used by couriers, they are now also an urban fashion icon. Some types of messenger bags are called carryalls. A smaller version is often called a sling bag.

All about moon bags

A fanny pack (US, Canada), waist wallet (Canada), belt pack (US), belt bag (Philippines), belly bag (US), chaos pouch (US), buffalo pouch (US), hip sack (US), phany pack (US), waist bag (or waistpack) (US), hip pack (UK), bum bag (UK, Australia, New Zealand), Snatchel (UK), Kangaroo and Koala (South America, Ireland), butt pack (US) or moon bag (South Africa), is a small fabric pouch usually secured with a zipper and worn by use of a strap around the hips or waist.

All about tote bags

A tote bag is a large and often unfastened bag with parallel handles that emerge from the sides of its pouch.