Factory shop Comments


  • Submitted By: Letecia Swartz
    Everything under one roof. Fantastic prices, friendly staff, amazing atmosphere.

  • Submitted By: Ncumisa Mantashe
    A wide variety of useful stuff to choose from a wide variety of shops, with good service & most importantly reasonable prices.

  • Submitted By: Epiphania Mutandwa
    Wide range to choose from and affordable prices. Easy to reach using public transport.

  • Submitted By: Candice de Borle'
    They save me money on items I need and have amazing specials. They advertise on Facebook making it easy for me to see when they have there amazing super specials. Then I get to buy products I usually can't afford at ridiculously llw prices.

  • Submitted By: Merelise Fuller
    Friendly staff always affordable clothing specials

  • Submitted By: Margaret Durkan
    I can always rely that they will have items that I need. Not just luxury but normal everyweek purchases. As the items are reasonably priced, I am saving big time.It gets more difficult for me as a pensioner to budget and still eat. I am so looking forward to my next week's bargains.

  • Submitted By: Natalie Wilds
    I love China Town factory shop as there is variety to choose from at affordable prices all basically under one roof and we save on petrol cost .

  • Submitted By: Mandisa Mbusi
    They sell good quality clothes for my whole family at very affordable prices,their customer service is so excellent,i always recommend the store to my family members

  • Submitted By: Khayakazi Ngollo
    Happy Shoes offers super low prices where if you buy in bulk you get even lower prices which has enabled me to start a small business to make an extra income for myself thanks to Happy Shoes Factory shop

  • Submitted By: Michelle Andrew
    The variety is huge and the prices affordable. Basically for me it's my one stop shop for everything. I can go to one place park my car and all my shopping done for gifts. Amazing.

  • Submitted By: Portia fudumele
    They always make sho that your order is ready when you pick it up n is the right one.their customers service is always on top

  • Submitted By: Alicia
    Have the types of shoes and service I need

  • Submitted By: Dale Smith
    I love the vibe in the store. also the merchandising makes me want to browse.

  • Submitted By: Jean Heydenrych
    Lashies is because I have always without exception found what I was looking for and more. Incredible prices and good quality.

  • Submitted By: Mercy Dolamo
    It offer the best value for money and it is affordable.

  • Submitted By: Ershaille Masango
    Low prices Great quality

  • Submitted By: Shabbir Essack
    Great carpets At reasonable prices

  • Submitted By: Joander Lombard
    They have beautiful clothes for the fully figure . I love the styles. I shop for me and my mother. Marry-Anne is always very friendly.She know how to make a sale. Go.girl.

  • Submitted By: Ncediswa Hentili
    I like perfumes and beauty a lot

  • Submitted By: Leneve
    Beautiful designer labelled dresses at an affordable price.

  • Submitted By: Andile Maseko
    They sell high quality brands at very low prices. It is located in a good location with ample parking space.

  • Submitted By: Cathy Ferguson
    I love to knit and crochet, thier staff is always friendly, they have an amazing selection of wools, needles etc and have excellent specials.

  • Submitted By: Bruce Robinson
    Good variety. Constantly expanding products on offer. Friendly staff.

  • Submitted By: Melanie Morgenrood
    They have amazing products at half the pricw

  • Submitted By: Sandra Pratt
    Everything and anything I need for baking I can get here without any problems, as well as nuts etc and the staff are always helpful and friendly.

  • Submitted By: Lezarne Lintnaar
    Its my favourite because most of the products are discounted by more than 50 percent of retail prices. They have excellent quality famous brands, I wear their products everyday. I buy the majority of my Christmas gifts there every year.

  • Submitted By: Karen Forbes
    Wow the new shop is to fantastic and lots of bargains up to appliances

  • Submitted By: Karen Forbes
    They always have the promotional stock and staff is helpful and friendly

  • Submitted By: Samantha Leroux
    Have been buying at this factory shop for years. Been saving so much money buying at a fraction of the retail store price. They deliver good service and always friendly staff. Always plenty of stock. Thank you for making it possible.

  • Submitted By: Zingisa Nkalashe
    Shado has good quality and affordable shoes. Their stores are most accessible to everyone.

  • Submitted By: Fatima Abdol
    I love the sales they have and the staff is always friendly and helpful.

  • Submitted By: CHERYL CLARK
    Their variety is great and they also some some international products which are not expired - I just love them as they make awesome tasty gifts

  • Submitted By: Bianca Rousseau
    As a child, one of my favourite Christmas memories was joining my cousins for our annual "Christmas clothes fit and buy" at Beeline. We loved the trip, as it seemed almost as rewarding a Christmas morning.
    Today, I have two children of my own and needless to say, they too look forward to the "Christmas clothes fit and buy" at Beeline. I still enjoy it to this day. But this time, because of the quality and value for money guaranteed with every visit!

    The square has a variety of shops where the whole family can shop and provides a safe environment and provides a various options to my demanding family when purchasing goods all under one roof.

  • Submitted By: Sam Conway
    It is convenient, there are many so I don't have to drive too far to get the products I need. They have a large variety and I can ususally find what I am looking for, at reasonable prices.

  • Submitted By: Deborah Bartus
    Very, very good prices...you get a lot for a little

  • Submitted By: jesmine kuiler
    Because i have been inlove with curtains all my life

  • Submitted By: Nick Chadwick
    Great prices for toys, lighting and fairy lights (battery operated)

  • Submitted By: Deon Isaacs
    i love the great wide spread of variety and great deals its easy accessible affordable and awesome and something for the whole family

  • Submitted By: Erica Isaacs
    its close to home affordable and i love the amazing variety of brand items and products plenty to choose from at real low low prices.. family favourite everything under one roof

  • Submitted By: meagan arendse
    its quality clothing at a good price

  • Submitted By: Dambisa Vokwana
    Best Service,it doesn't matter which shop you visit.The staff is always friendly and eager to help.
    Best Variety,there's always something new to buy and their prices are unbelievable.
    Quality,I love the quality of their shoes.I never had to return any shoe that i've purchased from them.

  • Submitted By: Daniela Daniels
    The workers there is so helpful.They assist my mother almmost an hour for the perfect birthdaay present for my day.Mom is 73 yearsold and as you know seniors is still old school and the gentleman(dont know his name) assist my mom with all th epatience in the world.

  • Submitted By: faika
    cause i am able to dress my kids at a fraction of the cost.

  • Submitted By: sonwabile
    Is because i love buy clothes in Levis Shop and is very good quality is lasting , and the staff are very friendly and good

  • Submitted By: Shannon Anders
    Cab foods, I'm very loyal to Cab foods as my mom introduced me to this amazing store, I haven't stopped shopping at cab foods. Always has the best baking products and I always find what is needed. Instead of going to search for the cheap products at 10 different store I shop all I need at 1 Store (Cab Foods). My daughters birthday party is approaching and this would help so much by winning this. I simply LOVE CAB FOODS. I do most of my monthly shopping at Cab foods in Bellville :) great service always.

  • Submitted By: Sesethu
    Being the foodie that I am, I find most thing I need at CAB Foods at a very reasonable price.

  • Submitted By: Nomsa Bopi
    They sell the best ice cream ever. When I went there I could not stop buying because they had lots of flavours ro choose from and their prices are affordable. Wafers are to die for. Their cones also good quality. My family is very impressed. Not forgetting the good service that we recieved. We got everything we needed for festive desserts under one roof.

  • Submitted By: Murshida Isaacs
    I like the variety of their stock and they are open 7 days a week

  • Submitted By: Ramona moodley
    Bargains for Africa at looters at unbelievablely low prices the store is always clean and the staff helpful and friendly and I believe them whe they say the food is 100% safe to eat what other store can say they have tried and tested their products before selling to the public and a store that believes in not wasting food is a store I’m happy to buy at because they care about South Africa’s citizens not just their money. Looters makes it possible to feed my family with the little that we have buying at looters helps us stay afloat! I’m very grateful for a shop like this! Thank you!

  • Submitted By: Vanessa Rose
    Products are super cheap, big variety. Staff very friendly and helpful. Everything you need under one roof! Great shop!

  • Submitted By: Julinda Maarman
    It offers a wide variety of food at a discounted price and they have the best specials

  • Submitted By: Ziyanda
    This factory shop is my favorite because they always make my rand strech further. In addition to having affordable prices, you save even more when buying in bulk. They are conveniently located close to my work place and one always can find a parking spot. The staff is always helpful and friendlyat Happy Shoes. I always have a great shopping experience at Happy Shoes!!!

  • Submitted By: Mandy Constant
    They cater for a range of different styles and always fashionable..

  • Submitted By: Inge stofberg
    Because I can afford the food prices..as pensioner we don't have much..thus this helps a lot and even can help others too

  • Submitted By: Zaidee Durrell
    Always find bargains at a good price.

  • Submitted By: Petula goliath
    Good quality at good prices and a big selection of products available
    Friendly staff

  • Submitted By: Phumza Yoba
    Happy shoes factory shop.. I buy my shoes in bulk to resell... Their bulk prices are fabolouse

  • Submitted By: Wendy Mackay
    It has everything under 1 roof with absolutely unbeatable prices.
    I can shop for the whole family and no need to drive from 1 shop to another.
    All birthday & Christmas presents are sorted & with the awesome prices I even get to spoil myself which never happens anywhere else!!!

  • Submitted By: Maritsa Pozyn
    Quality clothing at affordable prices.

  • Submitted By: Faeeza Abdullatief
    They have most of the things you need at low prices, its usually one of my first options for searching what I need

  • Submitted By: Farieda bastra
    I love all the shops at ottery. Its near to where i live n i always find what i need, from house to work to clothes to toys

  • Submitted By: Zubeida Harris
    I can always find quality products at affordable prices. Furthermore, the shop is always neat and easy to navigate through. Staff are also very helfpful and knowledgeable of their products.

  • Submitted By: melanie lovember
    because i always find great specials

  • Submitted By: Rene Alexander
    I can find almost anything I need there...

  • Submitted By: marie peters
    fast and efficient service

  • Submitted By: Daleen Rautenbach
    My fiance loves seafood and ever chance I get and if the budget allows it I buy him his favorite seafood.

  • Submitted By: STACY ISMAIL
    Best deals on branded food items.

  • Submitted By: Hayley ford
    It's my favourite factory shop as I get value for my money & were I always find a variety of Curtains

  • Submitted By: Alta du Toit
    It is conveniently situated and we come from far out of Cape Town and feel safe when visiting this area and avoiding traffic and saving time. We drive 250km to visit any of the shops.

  • Submitted By: Leticia Jacobs
    Because you always get good value for money and they have sale every Saturday.

  • Submitted By: Leila Abdurahman
    Good value for great money. Absolutely love perfumes and there is a huge variety and you can actually 2 or more perfumes as the price is good - the staff is also very helpful and friendly.

    The frequently have good deals which I thoroughly enjoy :)

  • Submitted By: Engelie Botha
    Having to support two pensioners at home on a small salary makes it worth the while to shop at factory prices. Foodies Discount Groceries have a big variety on the items I usually use in my everyday living.

  • Submitted By: Palesa Tsotetsi
    Women's clothes are sold at affordable prices

  • Submitted By: Charlene van Niekerk
    I always get value for money and excellent service

  • Submitted By: Nelanie Naicker
    I get my towels below cost price. The quality is the same as buying from a retail store and paying double.

  • Submitted By: Tahnee Willemse
    I always get whatever I am looking for .Whether it is for fashion, car or home. I always find I need and I love the fact that there are a wide variety of stores to shop from which caters for my every need. I also love the fact that I can use public transportation to get there.

  • Submitted By: angelique boesak
    I've got 3 boys and its vey beautiful clothes that they sell

  • Submitted By: Desiree Fluks
    Good quality for your money!!

  • Submitted By: jsekgoela
    they have a reasonable price

  • Submitted By: Juanita Clementson
    This must be the best factory shop in my opinion , everything under one roof one stop one shop, even bigger than before with everything i need and the staff is always friendly and helpful. I love this shop

  • Submitted By: nosipho xoza
    It sells quality items at reasonable prices. Good for reselling.

  • Submitted By: Fatima Kasker
    I always get a super bargain thetr

  • Submitted By: Peter Modise
    They sell beautiful and quality brands, located near major routes and easily accessible. The shop is open and big enough for a shopping experience.

  • Submitted By: delphine
    everything you need is there especially wedding hunting was a breeze love it loveit

  • Submitted By: Carol Prins
    The prices and service is great. I go once a month to get all my fish from them.

  • Submitted By: Zarena Adams
    Huge savings, especially since my husband lost his job. At foodies I can save so much that it leaves some cah over for other essentials.
    Just love the fact I can rely on foodies to have great specials and I can cook a meal with what I buy there.
    Thank you for having the forsight to bring your idea to the public

  • Submitted By: herman Lambert
    the people of Happy Shoe is always friendly and help full with big variety of things with best prize u can dream about! even night time they willing to help u!

  • Submitted By: Fatima Abdol
    The service is great and the staff is friendly. They always have sales.

  • Submitted By: Hendrik Du Toit
    I cannot pick one favourite store at Parow China Town as all the shops and asistances are good to fantastic. They are helpful and very knowledgeable about the products they are selling. Their prices is superb and their products are good.

  • Submitted By: Jacqueline Stevens
    Simply the best shopping experience where you get everything from high fashion to household to eat out at prices my family can afford and enjoy! We all just love this place!!

  • Submitted By: Nawhal Gasant
    Also has what l'm looking for.

  • Submitted By: Marian Harris
    I finish things there ranging from electrical goods to party things to clothing. You will not find batteries cheaper anywhere else.

  • Submitted By: Megan Damons
    Affordable and good quality

  • Submitted By: Raeesah Sayed
    You can finds all the goods you looking for at one store and the prices are far more cheaper, you save much more. Thanks

  • Submitted By: Adalaide Ross
    They sell EVERYTHING at great prices!

  • Submitted By: Soraya Kader
    I love baking and I can find all my baking ingredients under 1 roof at a reasonable price

  • Submitted By: Christelle Van Zyl
    The service is very good and the quality of the furniture is excellent and affordable.

  • Submitted By: Blanche Hoeben
    Daar is vele produkte om van te kies en te keur teen bekostigbare pryse.

  • Submitted By: Zayile Africa-Sauls


  • Submitted By: Ursula cupido
    The prices are affordable and the staff is very friendly and helpful...I have been a happy shopper there for 33 years now I shop for fir my grandkids there

  • Submitted By: andiswa menze
    The quality of their products, service excellence and the beauty of everything they sell.

  • Submitted By: Esther Carney
    There is everything I need

  • Submitted By: Thelma zanazo

  • Submitted By: Anneri Nielsen
    I enjoy baking and crafting, and they have all the packaging and even some crafting supplies available that I need - and at affordable prices. So, I love CAB foods.

  • Submitted By: Bronwyn Cook
    always find quality products at good affordable prices and the most helpful friendly customer service in store. always gives you reason to want return. the best factory shopping experience i have ever had. store is neat and tidy with a place for everything and staff has good product knowledge.

  • Submitted By: ammaarah
    43 Allen Way Windsor Park Diep River

  • Submitted By: Liesel van der Burgh
    Great prices and service

  • Submitted By: GCINELWA ESAU
    Beeline is my favourite factory because its affordable as im single mother of three its very very cheaper its a place to be.

  • Submitted By: tamaryn stoffels
    The shop has a variety of products one can choose from. The prices are affordable and the service are great

  • Submitted By: joneline
    They have a variety of clothing for the children and they affordable prizes. The workers always theat you with respect and they are always friendly.

  • Submitted By: Wendy Jacobs
    Cause there is a variety of stuff and the prices are affordable and the shop assistance are very nice.

  • Submitted By: Lenéve Papier
    All baking ingreadients are found at the store and and reasonably priced.

  • Submitted By: Kim Titus
    Their products are unique. They offer real discounted prices

  • Submitted By: Kholiswa Nonyongo
    20 Dodovu street
    Ext 4

  • Submitted By: Shihaam Sampson
    It is my favorite store because first of a seafood is life!!!! The store is always clean , prices are great oh and did I mention seafood is life

  • Submitted By: Sakeena dollie
    I have 4 kids & underwear is a must to change regularly,& their range are of high quality & lasts forever. Good quality at an affordable price.

  • Submitted By: BusisiweMxosana
    I have been their customer from April this year thanks to Facebook, their service is always the best and they treat their customers equally, I went the the other morning and 1st things I got before shopping was a fresh hot muffin. they are the best ever.

  • Submitted By: Yvette Oliphant
    As they have a huge variety of things to choose from being grocery to clothing, etc. all under one roof. Just marvelous.

  • Submitted By: Shannon Anders
    I simply love baking, Cab foods id my go to for ingredients and packaging. I absolutely love there sauces as well, I'm a loyal customer of Cab foods :) It's my daughter's 6th birthday on the 26th of December , winning this would make it an absolutely amazing birthday party.

  • Submitted By: Esethu Mafuxwana
    Because things there are afforble and cheap things like bed staff and clothes the clothes are good quilt and last longer and friendly people .

  • Submitted By: siyanda
    I love their clothes
    I have been a levis fan since i stared working and afford buying my own levis clothes.

  • Submitted By: Andiswa
    The quality of everything they sell from toys, bedding, jewellery, party staff and the best service excellence that i always get when i visit there.I always go there and do my shopping because i get impressed every time i get there, they bring new quality products.I never had to return anything since i have started doing my shopping there.

  • Submitted By: Alexia Williams
    Im a single mom and i love shopping for my son at Beeline. They have quality clothing at prices which suits my budget.0

  • Submitted By: Epiphania Mutandwa
    It is my favourite because it runs specials every month. It also opens on Saturdays to accomodate us who work during the weekends. I also love it because they stock a wide range of international recognised cosmetics. R100 buys you a handful of cosmetics depending on what you are looking for.

  • Submitted By: Violet mokhele
    The best and affordable prices compared to when I go to Woolworths stores. I bought all my daughter's clothes there. My friends thought that I was buying expensive woolies clothes then I recommended Relabelled💖 the staff too...very helpful

  • Submitted By: Nobuhle
    Ottery china town. Their prices are affordable and rliable clothing in style that interest lots of communiters as iam selling the clothes and also wear them. They have the best fashion ever with quality goes with lower prices for everyone

  • Submitted By: Glynnis Hendricks
    Great quality at reasonable prices

  • Submitted By: Carol Van Balla
    The clothing is Stunning and there are fantastic bargains to be had. The staff member I met was extremely helpful and gave good advice.

  • Submitted By: Carol Van Balla
    The clothing is Stunning and there are fantastic bargains to be had. The staff member I met was extremely helpful and gave good advice.

  • Submitted By: PHUMZA TANIA DLALI
    The shop is so affordable,i just know when io have money i know where to shop,for my baby

  • Submitted By: Magda Swarts
    All you need in one place, prices very competitive. Friendly people clean and neat environment. For me it is a mood stabilizer just to walk around in all the shops.

  • Submitted By: herman Lambert
    hi i select Happy shoe factory shop as my favourite shop because of the friendly service, good quality and best price stock they sold. The way they help u when u need something is fantastic!
    Cheryl and Wade is special persons feel like family!

  • Submitted By: Colin Kahn
    The shop is always neat & ordily. They have a fantastic range of shoes at really reasonable prices and their staff are always happy to help and guide you.

  • Submitted By: Simone Classen
    There will always be something that you need or might need in the next few months at a very big bragain.

  • Submitted By: Chantal Williams-Dreyer
    Cheap prices for high end clothing for the entire family

  • Submitted By: Sharmila Solomon
    It has good quality ,well known brands and a reasonable price.

  • Submitted By: Ziyanda Gcakasi
    The service is always excellent and their shoes are in good quality. Their prices are fair

  • Submitted By: Liesel van der Burgh
    Great pricing and choice of products . Very helpful staff. Regular Specials .

  • Submitted By: Suraya Benjamin
    Its my favourite coz u get alot of bargains in one place from clothing to stuff for the kitchen nd dont 4get ur vechile too just love 2 shop at China Town Ottery

  • Submitted By: jean ncube tizwi
    l love the quality of clothing they sale which is SouthAfrican products....and l.m proud to support the southafrican designers.local is lekker.

  • Submitted By: Nosipho
    It's easy for me to see their specials.I've got their contact.I always buy inbulk to resell.

  • Submitted By: Jason Isaacs
    The wide variety of products, friendly staff and reasonable prices are the reasons why this is my favourite factory shop.

  • Submitted By: Renee Palvie
    Amazing prices, good variety of products and friendly service!

  • Submitted By: Anthony
    they got nice clothing and for very low price

  • Submitted By: Joleen Canovi
    Friendly staff and great savings.

  • Submitted By: Jesica Moshoeshoe
    I love the quality of their products and their service is very good

  • Submitted By: inge stofberg
    Lot of variety..good prices

  • Submitted By: Elizabeth Tema
    Different styles of bags with reasonable price. The style of bags can be used by all genders. Bulk is sold if you want to start as an entrepreneur.

  • Submitted By: Marvin l dodgen
    Good items for affordable prices. Good quality

  • Submitted By: Porsher Kleinsmidt
    Love the quality of clothing and appreciate the customer service

  • Submitted By: Wendy Metuso
    their prices is very affordable, their clothes &products are on good quality. one always get what they need and leave satisfied.

  • Submitted By: Zaidee Durrell
    They have nice speacials all the time. Even with the petrol increase, you still find bargains.

  • Submitted By: Adalaide Ross
    They have everything. A Housewives go to shop.

  • Submitted By: Belinda Viret
    The pricing, product range and quality they offer are really great.

  • Submitted By: Washiela Fritz-Rajab
    you can find clothing for the whole family for much cheaper than the retail stores.

  • Submitted By: laverne
    I just love shopping at decor furn , I get discounted prices ,quality and modern, chick items for my home!

  • Submitted By: Nolubabalo Hans
    They provide best quality, genuine leather and with lower prices

  • Submitted By: Eileena Van Niekerk
    they always have great bargains and beautiful crockery at excellent products, so i find both gifts here as well
    as stock for my household

  • Submitted By: Shandre koopman

  • Submitted By: NTOMBESINE ntlabathi

  • Submitted By: mandy Ngwenya
    Besides good customer service and on time delivery time,Shado shoes factory shops offer up to date, stylish and good quality shoes that last a person for years.I can always count on them when ever in need of sport and luxury shoes.

  • Submitted By: Wayne dyers
    I have always found my size, and the staff is VERY helpful

  • Submitted By: ANNEMARIE
    i get clothing what I want.

  • Submitted By: Amelia Adams
    This factory shop is near to my house, I can go there at anytime and purchase clothing for all the children in the family, after 22 years we have a beautiful little girl in the family again, and I am enjoying my shopping there. During the year they have great sales. It is Woolworths clothing.

  • Submitted By: keaikitse modise
    Because of their sales especially buying 3 jeans you get a big discount & I like their shirts

  • Submitted By: Azipheli Nxiweni
    It is affordable,has all the products I need.The security is tight,I like that I get to keep my handbag at a secured place.And the people working there know alot about customer service and or policy

  • Submitted By: Christopher Bradley
    Their pricing is really good and wide range plus daily specials a proper factory shop

  • Submitted By: Christina mashamaite
    I love quality that they sell affordability.

  • Submitted By: Debra Hlubi
    They sell the best quality blankets

  • Submitted By: Barbara Perkin
    It is down the road from me, so I do not have to use too much petrol. I enjoy the different variety of things which change every week. I buy as much as I can but being a Pensioner, sometime difficult. Also enjoy the fact that when I go on a Friday morning, there is parking AND CLOSE TO HOME++ At the moment I am only looking at groceries which is what Foodies specialise in but will also be going to A&H. Barbara

  • Submitted By: Nyasha E Saungweme
    I have a wide variety to choose from,low prices and it is conveniently located

  • Submitted By: Mumsie Naidoo
    Can get everything i need for baking at a reasonable price

  • Submitted By: Zethu Plati
    This factory shop shoes are affordable, nice and they last longer

  • Submitted By: adnaan bakkus
    i always find the style the look and the price with the quality and service in one store

  • Submitted By: Annelie Van Jaarsveld
    It is amazing an shocking what people without eyesight can do.

  • Submitted By: Rachel Schuiling
    My sister & I are amateur at knitting & crochet but when we visit the Kleen-Eezy shop we feel invincible and can do anything. Always popping in for the odd ball or two of wool and always walk out with about half the shop stock in our bags... The staff are friendly and our fellow shoppers also seem to share our experiences.... Recommend this shop to everyone...

  • Submitted By: herman Lambert
    to buy from this shop is a great pleasure. this lady make so much effort to help u and to make sure u get what u want. if u look for something u cant get ask her and she will get it for u. i am from Namibia and the amount of help she is for me is unbelievable and i hope she win!!

  • Submitted By: inge stofberg
    As pensioner this helps a lot to feed us and still make good foods.

  • Submitted By: prissy Kensly
    the quality of the clothing is great. they always have great specials and sell woolworths clothing for the kids.
    every month they have new stock in shop

  • Submitted By: Grisilda Ruiters

  • Submitted By: Luleka Mayikana
    Good quality and affordable

  • Submitted By: Nodumo Saki
    Its because you get anything there and everything you want in affordable price quality and also quantity ,And china town is my perfect choice if you have R500 you have a lot of money its like a million to Rand.

  • Submitted By: Sandra Baak
    Lots of specials. Lots of bargains, I enjoy shopping there because I always walk away with lots of items for the whole family!!

  • Submitted By: Nonhlanhla Mojapelo
    their shoes are stylish at reasonable price

  • Submitted By: Amiena Jardine
    when i want quality, continental china is the best

  • Submitted By: Mari Louw
    There is a lot of nice and pratical things to buy. I can save a lot of money and a just love the shop

  • Submitted By: Dale Smith
    My Hi-Tec lasts me for years and I love going into the shop because I receive individual attention. The staff are also very knowledgeable about the products

  • Submitted By: Caroline Pittendrigh
    The owners are the most helpful and friendly people I have met in years. They have good quality shoes at great prices.

  • Submitted By: Mary Ann Scholtz
    Because times are hard and I can afford to feed my family buying at foodies.

  • Submitted By: Sizeka Mphahlwa
    Its not far from people
    Not complicated
    Sales starts early and ends later
    Most of the owners have patience
    Even if you don't have transport you can use taxi it will drop you at the gate
    They always have new stuff for customs
    They have skills to advertise their stuff
    You can negotiate with them with prices
    They do care about
    They even suggest people who buy in bulk about bussness
    They don't forget their customers

  • Submitted By: Cynthia Ndlovu
    they sale a variety of my favorite items , it makes my life easy and they have good customer care! i have been shopping there for sometime , so far so good

  • Submitted By: Hlekani Rose Sithole
    Their ladies fashions clothing is guality and exclusive

  • Submitted By: Baatseba Gatta
    It has a lot of variety at cheap prices. Good quality products.

  • Submitted By: Nobesuthu Mbete
    Its my favourate factory shop because it has all the variet of shoes and bags that I want. The staff there is so much helpful and friendly u don't walk away empty hands there you always win when you get there.

  • Submitted By: charity muwanga
    They sale their shoes and other goods at reasonable price of which i make nice profit and the staff avery good and kind

  • Submitted By: Bonita wojtyra
    Prices are reasonable and we always receive compliments from our guests ......love shopping here. Thank you so much for making us feel like celebrities......

  • Submitted By: Amanda
    I get everything I want n cheap the think for us as shoppers

  • Submitted By: Craig Siems
    friendly staff great customer service. freqeunt updates on new products and sales

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    They have a great variety of goods at afordable prices. and centrally located

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    Because I get good quality brands at low prices. Been a mother of 3 getting quality clothes at affordable prices is great. No need to open store cards when you shop at Beeline.

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    the service is quick and fast. staff is helpful and they update me when ever they have sale.

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    My hobby is baking, range is incredible

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    From the day I discovered this shop, it is difficult to stay away. I have already changed all my furniture in the house and keep on going back for more. Quality products at a fraction of the price!

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    Good prices nice clothes good quality

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    Staff very helpful and friendly and their prices are fantastic!

    Quick, no hassle, friendly service every visit!

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    Basically you can find anything you looking for here and more. Things that would never had crossed your mind

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    All ways a bargain to be found no matter what time of year it is.

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    They have a big variety of goods very affordable prices. I buy a 5kg caterers hake every second month.

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    They sell beautiful, stylish furniture at an affordable price. The staff are always friendly. Their customer service is great.

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    Great variety great specials. Always something that surprise you and something that's new. Prices are excellent - truly a factory shop!!

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    Huge variety & great specials and prices

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    Good deals on well known brands of commonly used household and food items

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    All party and baking goods under one roof

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    Overall great shopping experience, customer service and value for money.

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    Best prices for everyday items!!!

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    Its cheaper and good quality

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    I am training unemployed youth as assistant chef students and encourage them to open their own home bakes to support their families. I regularly take them on an excursion to Cab Foods. Where they can get value for their money.

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    great quality stuff at low low prices

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    The variety, the prices, the colors makes me go there every weekend! I love it

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    Unique Quality Affordable Prices

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    I can buy a veriaity of food and cleaning things as well as save money.also its not far to drive..and i dont have to buy in bulk.

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    Their quality

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    Convenient...good clothing...good prices...

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    Their design's I'm just obsessed with them its something unique and they re affordable.

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    I love,love,love the brands offered, the prices, the variety. One also never knows which products will be on promotion, which makes it very exciting. As a bonus one often finds unexpected surprises & super special promos. It's fun buying there.

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    Amazing service with the most interesting products !!! I absolutely adore this shop

    My home keeps smelling fresh And my clients love the smell as well !

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    This is my favorite factory shop, because they always have nice specials and it is also close to my home if I want anything to be delivered. The best!

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    Their shoes are affordable
    Their shoes last longer
    They know how to treat their customers and they deliver in time if ordered anything from them

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    Every Thing you need is at one location

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    They sell great quality jeans , always tredy clothes in store

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    I choose this shop as the ladies are always happy to assist ,prices are good and my kids goes wild for the products . All sorts of goods to have a great summer party

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    2 to 3 pairs of shoes for the price of 1 in a normal retinal store making your rand last longer

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    I can get food, clothing, plastics, hards, almost everything at China town... and the prices are real steals!

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    I always get good prices on my sons clothing items.

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    I lost my husband two years ago and became a single mom at the same time. A year later I moved into the house that my late husband and purchased together. Turning a house into a home quite a daunting task however I found most of what I needed at decofurn at reasonable prices and I could lay bye as well so I gave myself a year to turn my house into a home and I paid off all my lay byes and I am proud to say that I love the new space I call home

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    Everything I need under one roof & sooo very affordable. I get all my Christmas luxuries here every year & snacks throughout the year. Luv you Liberty & staff are always friendly & engaging;-)

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    It is a fantasy world

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    Always getting things super cheap

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    There's is a convenient store near, which helps me with re decorating my renovated home & the sale prices are afforable

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    There is a variety of evrything, you can almost find anything there. You also dont have to drive from a to z to get a variety.. Its like shoppers heaven under one roof..

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    I love shopping here for my kids. Great variety, quality and doesn't dent my pocket.

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    I can get the bacon there really cheap and the best part is that its the tastiest bacon my family and I have ever tasted!
    Also,very helpful go-to shop for me as I cannot bake from scratch.. The premixes,decorations,tools...everything under one roof and very affordable.
    I can never just go for specific items on my list,there is always something new and innovative that catches my eye!

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    I love that shops bc I can find olmost everything wat I need and more there

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    I love keeping busy and they always have beautiful wools and all the little bits I need for my projects.

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    friendly staff value for money

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    Its clean and well laid out (no digging in bins) , has the very nicest staff, and the range of clothing is excellent. The prices really make you walk away feeling you've done well for the money spent.
    Its easy to find and there's safe parking. Absolutely my favourite!

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    Because I love a good bargain! They have good food at good prices and the staff is very helpful and so friendly!

    I love going to a shop that has friendly staff!

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    Large variety
    Friendly & proffessional staff
    Great specials
    Love the layout of the Parklands shop very spacious

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    Good value for money and wide variety of products, friendly and effecient service at all times. Will definitely recommend to family and friends.

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    I visited a few times and the staff are friendly and very helpful.

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    Afordable prizes buy in bulk and save very cheap.

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    I have three girls and I always get so many items for less price. When I want to shop I don't think twice I go to Beeline. Their staff is amazing.

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    They have a wide variety of food and sometimes toiletry items to sell and when they have a sale it is well worth the visit

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    The unique blanket shop were one is able to get the and cheapest warm blankets.

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    They always have wonderful specials and everything I need when money is especially tight - Like everyday lol

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    The best Crockery in the world. Always a Variety Good quality and its affordable Can never go wrong

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    Im into buying and selling of shoes and theyve got nice cheap shoes at their shop. They are usually not full thereby spending less time in their shop, you choose what you want and they have someone always available to assist you

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    Because their prices are so low you can buy supplies for up to an year.

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    Best quality crockery and low prices

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    The quality of there garments are so good and very cheap

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    I bought most of my furniture there, its affordable and the quality is great.
    I love the friendly stuff and their specials.
    They make you feel like you are the only customer when you enter the shop.. Its just a pity they don't have their stores in other major cities....

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    Everything that i can ever think of needing as a mum of 2 little ones is found at china town sable square. I am always guaranteed of getting the best seevice when i go.

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    They have nice clothes and things and they are so much affordable

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    Friendly service and prices always the same as advertised on the page no hidden cost Or unfriendly staff like other shops. Also they enable one to make a good extra income as a single parent Because of them I am able to provide for both of my children with my second income my babies are happy because their mother are being confidence with buying and selling. Shado prices and service making it really easy

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    You can get sweet items, tinned foods to some baking supplies

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    Great weekend deals and massive discounts even during the week, stock according to season, free business guide from Mr Wade, quick service.

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    I love shopping there for my son. Being able too purchase at affordable prices.