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Factory shop Comments


  • Submitted By: Rossouw Debbie
    In like there specials

  • Submitted By: Benita Maree
    Always something new.
    Good prices.
    Have my favourite snacks from abroad.
    Friendly staff.
    Operating hours are good

  • Submitted By: Candice Christian
    Definitely the best prices at no jokes. Always stock of products. By far the best factory shop with stock and prices. Staff are friendly. I have recommended them to most family and friends and we are all happy to shop and return for more

  • Submitted By: Karen McBride
    Their prices are excellent and the staff is always friendly

  • Submitted By: Anathi Myeki
    Their stuff are very cheap for someone like me who just started selling clothes.

  • Submitted By: SAMANTHA Rasmeni
    Because it gives me opportunity to make my life easier buy buying and reseller for extra income

  • Submitted By: Thembisa Notshe
    It's convenient, clean and have the best service. Every shop is easily accessible and suitable for every weather.

  • Submitted By: Isabella Pleuse
    All in one place friendly and very helpfull

  • Submitted By: Julia Dietrich
    Been going there for years, the staff recognise me now. I love their prices, friendly service, quality and their sales.

  • Submitted By: Jenny Loucas
    The reason for my choice is purely because this place really does offer bargains. And i am not talking about a R10 discount here and there because they fall under "factory shop" But growing up, if you heard of or were on your way to a factory shop, you were excited because instead of spending R1000 for clothes, youd be spending under R500 - because thats what a factory shop is. factory prices. Now a days people label their stores as factory shops but in actual fact their prices arent too far off the retail prices. However, Happy Shoes I believe really do have great prices and things to offer the public.

  • Submitted By: Craig Thomas
    Food prices are going up and up. This shop offers good prices and covers a wide variety of food and other household items!

  • Submitted By: Maliena McGregor
    I love China Town Ottery! I always feel like a kid in a candy store when I go there. There are so many shops and a huge variety of goods to choose from. China Town Ottery has a great vibe and we are spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping. Awesome deals, great discounts and what's really great, they cater for bulk buyers. Staff are friendly and in all I'm very happy the service.

  • Submitted By: Mardia Francis
    Convenience of finding all my favourites from blankets, toys, clothing and house hold essentials all at one location!

  • Submitted By: Sherell Veronique Pick
    I just adore the shop.
    Its convenient selling from groceries to toiletries and affordable prices. With Covid someof us could buy from this store and resell to make a small profit aswell as help others get by until pay day by providing grocery items at cheaper than retail prices ♥

  • Submitted By: Monique Louw
    Because I get the best quality bedding and the staff at B31 is friendly and efficient

  • Submitted By: Fairoza Rhoda
    Good quality clothing nd love the cheap name brands they have

  • Submitted By: Angela Booysen
    As for me that stays 4hrs drive from Cape Town..I love factory shops with good prices and Mr. No Jokes is my favorite 1..affordable prices for me and the children and with the petrol and diesel prices going through the roof we need to shop at a shop like this...I visit them everytime I go to Cpt

  • Submitted By: Marlene Crowster
    Their prices are very good. The quality is very good too.

  • Submitted By: Inshaaf Slinger
    Discounted goods makes my money fo further especially at times like today where only my husband is working i go for affordability and quantity and Mr No Jokes has the best buys

  • Submitted By: Naledi Angela Barnett
    There's a "dating" guideline signage that's very hard not to miss as you enter so you don't blindingly just pay for products. And they hold competitions to engage the customers even more.

  • Submitted By: Cindy Blom
    Best prices and great variety

  • Submitted By: Murshida Isaacs
    Lots of shops with different wares and good prices on most stuff

  • Submitted By: Faldela le roux
    Chain store kiddies stock at reasonable prices

  • Submitted By: Jenny Nel
    Well who doesn't dig the name, right. And who doesn't need chocolates at a cheaper price? Its a no-brainer.

  • Submitted By: Benhalie Farzaanah
    This factory shop has everything you need from clothes,shoes,food,luxury,household etc basically anything.Its really a 1 stop shop.

  • Submitted By: Retselisitsoe Khuzwayo
    I find quality clothes for my children at affordable price every time I go to shop at Beeline.

  • Submitted By: Shanaaz Thomas
    Has everything under the sun at very low prices. Been shopping at Salvage when the first opened and was selling all England Soccer Jerseys and tracksuits. Here you can get anything from food items, furniture, clothing, and paint. Love this shop.

  • Submitted By: Jodenia Cairns
    I always find bargains for the whole family

  • Submitted By: Michelle Wilson
    China Town ottery

  • Submitted By: Priya Preothenee Pillay
    Everything that is needed i find there, at affordable prices. Very convenient as well ,i live nearby. And love to see the new additions especially clothing.

  • Submitted By: Chanelle Bailey
    I love this place cause it's so very much convenient and I happily find everything I'm looking for right there their bulk prices are amazing and worth it aswell.

  • Submitted By: Olivia Balie
    Gives me the opportunity to earn extra income

  • Submitted By: roxanne ronne
    I love their variety of shops and the fair prices they offer

  • Submitted By: NICOLENE ROSS
    They are the cheapest, has the most variety, always has new products. The staff are so helpful and the shop is always clean . although its sometimes full due to the cheap prices, the spirit of Ubuntu amongst shoppers and staff is amazing while shopping. you will always hear someone shout from one side" please check this out " My Go to place

  • Submitted By: Karen Forbes
    The quality of items are superb and always have promotional goodies which is with my while

  • Submitted By: Nokubonga Magadla
    I get everything that I need in one place and prices are affordable and and close to the public Transport

  • Submitted By: Mellisa Pedro
    Always having specials, huge variety for kids and adults. People working there ar most helpfull

  • Submitted By: Davelin October
    China Town Parow is convenient and the location is easy to reach. This place has everything you could ever look for. From home ware to wedding attire. I always buy my daughter's party decor and accessories from them which allows me to do it myself and save me loads of money.

  • Submitted By: kellerman Susette
    No jokes

  • Submitted By: Fatimah Tape
    Amazing dresses for eid or Christmas at a fraction of the price, my go to shop for every special occasion

  • Submitted By: Zenobia Lawrence
    Great variety
    Super awesome prices
    Convenient shopping
    A lil something for everyone

  • Submitted By: Judy gray
    such variety and within reach of my budget and I know it's fresh

  • Submitted By: Helen Barnard
    It has so much variety to choose from

  • Submitted By: Mishkah Davids-Vaggie
    They bring everyday products at fantastic prices, it's really worth the while making my way there - the savings outweigh the fuel cost! In this current economic climate, every penny saved counts

  • Submitted By: Liesle De Klerk
    Quality and there prices for the public

  • Submitted By: Roselyn Msarurwa
    Because it has great quality duvets and pillows at affordable prices.

  • Submitted By: Ronald Hendricks
    Always bargains at store

  • Submitted By: June Andrews
    Good service and quality clothing

  • Submitted By: Isabel Booysen
    Realy cheap quality clothing.
    Great service.

  • Submitted By: Lauren Adonis
    This factory Shop , has a wide variety of items.
    And amazing specials and deals ,you save so much on a monthly basis when shopping it really helps in the current economy

  • Submitted By: Imelda Cupido
    Top quality products.
    Friendly staff.
    Affordable prices.

  • Submitted By: Christelle Gertze
    From my youngest to oldest goodies i get at this shop.My pantry can smile&also my fridge.Friendly staff,clean shop.For our family it's every month a journey of excitement for us.

  • Submitted By: Nicole Niekerk
    Staff is friendly and very helpful. You always get more for that what you bargained for
    .. I love the deals i get as i am on a tight budget in this day and age....mommy budget shop

  • Submitted By: Arleen Laubscher
    Everything you need is under one roof. There is bargain bins and the prizes are very affortable.

  • Submitted By: Nicole May
    Such a wide variety of products at such low prices

    because it has a variety of goods at cheap discounted prices, and there is always is affordable, economical, and they have excellent customer service...staff goes the extra mile to assist customers at all times.

  • Submitted By: Nicole Michaels
    Variety of goods @ affordable prices & helpful staff.

  • Submitted By: Thumba Mbhalati
    They know how to treat customers.

  • Submitted By: Lizette Stander
    Good prices.
    Nice and clean
    Easy to shop
    Friendly staff who gladly assist and answer queries

  • Submitted By: Anneline Jackson
    Definitely the shop with the best value for money. With every day saving. It is amn absolute must to visit Mr No Jokes.

  • Submitted By: Roxanne La Vita
    Great prices, delicious meat and easy to access.

  • Submitted By: Esther Leraisa
    It's prices are reasonable And it gives people a chance to create a business with their products.

  • Submitted By: Julia D
    Good quality, friendly owners/management/staff, easy parking, great prices especially on their sales. Lots of variety for the whole family. They recognize me when I go, been going there for years!

  • Submitted By: Jolandi Jas
    Everything I need in one place prices very affordable friendly staff.always discounts

  • Submitted By: Chiedza Monchusi
    Everything is just affordable, you are always left with change in your pocket

  • Submitted By: Sabrina Adams
    Great service and always have good money saving bargains.

  • Submitted By: Eshal De Waal
    I love a good bargain 👌, from groceries to shoes and clothing what could be more convenient.

  • Submitted By: Fran Favero
    Great finds, especially good fof a wide variety of party supplies and stationary.

  • Submitted By: Jakkie Blom
    Good value for money

  • Submitted By: Cindy Blom
    Great prices and variety of items! Also friendly and helpful staff!

  • Submitted By: Carol Hans
    Great prices, always have a variety of goods to purchase. Great prices for resale again.

  • Submitted By: Hilda-Garde Phillips
    My favourite shop is svenmill neat& tidy not to crowded & service quick & friendly & price very affordable too & easy route & textile & linings ther too & waltex I pop in to all my stores great service & Chiba town Parow my next stop all in one go love these stores value for your money 😊

  • Submitted By: Noluvo Mateyisi
    Options! With the very best's convenient I love them.

  • Submitted By: Joelene Snyders
    They have so much variate and super cheap. I love that there no no limit per customer and I get all the stuff as advertised on FB.

  • Submitted By: Amanda Fraser
    Its literary just around the corner from home, well stocked, best priced items, friendly staff, ample parking, wide variety of stock, gives me bang for my buck and value for money.

  • Submitted By: Narriman Abrahams
    There are so many shops to choose from and all of the prices are so good so if you have a business you can also buy your bulk stock there

  • Submitted By: Geraldine Sathar
    It has a wide variety of stuff & very cheap

  • Submitted By: Charlotte King
    Convenient location, great layout, good quality items and prices!!

  • Submitted By: Rudaybah Slamang
    There's just a wide variety of goods and the prices are really great. Anything you need is all in one place

  • Submitted By: Nicole Vos
    They had amazing specials on meat ,which is always rear to find. apon arriving they had helped in any way , they even offered free delivery due to the distance I had driven. The meat was in top quality and a great special. And customer service was amazing and super friendly

  • Submitted By: Nuraan Essop
    I am a Mum of 4, getting the best bang for my buck is always the goal. Be it clothing, home goods or gadgets, I am always on the lookout for a GREAT sale or even better everyday prices. China Town Sable square has been my "go to" since relocating to Cape Town a few years ago. I always find what I need or (don't need, but still get because of the price). Highly recommended.

  • Submitted By: Melissa Haupt
    Always a variety of goods, ranging from groceries to clothing at excellent prices.

  • Submitted By: Kylan Jacobs
    Because you get all the things you need at china town at cheap prices.

  • Submitted By: Chantal Booysen
    Because it is a one stop shop,I just love it!!!

  • Submitted By: Lizeka Sambane
    Because it gives me the qaulity clothes especially on kids clothes and wow the service is very good

  • Submitted By: Nawhal Matthews
    Huge variety, awesome pricing... Always something different in store when you pop in. A constant lucky dip variety and always the best prices😍

  • Submitted By: Elana la Grange
    As a single mother with two teenage boys, who never stops eating, this is my favourite to go store for snacks. No one beats their prices and variety of snacks. They are always friendly, they always have specials and I love their online specials price list that they keep updating. That way I don't get their and there are now more specials. They are also very active on FB and that way, I know what's on special and in stock.

  • Submitted By: Sibongile Klaas
    This is my favorite factory shop because of it sells lot of stuff from bedding, clothes, toys etc. Also it is not far from where I stay. Also I like how the staff there treat customers. You get the best service in china town ottery

  • Submitted By: Carmen Esmeraldo
    This shop has the most amazing discounts and such a huge variety. It means my money can go further and I can spoil my family with some luxury items which we otherwise would not be able to afford from a normal shop

  • Submitted By: Suzaan Carmichael
    Great value children’s clothing, nice variety and very affordable. It’s also not too far from where I live so saves on driving time & fuel costs.